I started in the Music Industry when I was 15 working for my Father as a Piano Technician Apprentice. After completing my apprenticeship I moved into importing and sales of all types of musical instruments.


Over the years I've sold product, managed stores, as well as product managed international lines like Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers, Seydel Harmonicas and many more Organizing orders and distribution to retail stores in NZ. 


I have always maintained a passion for importing and the sales of products from around the World.

The quality of Asian products is ever increasing to where we now find  products in many cases being of a higher standard and finish than allot of U.S.A made product. This is obviously not the case 100% of the time.


NZGUITARPARTS started as Musicgift officially in 2017, and changed its name to NZ Guitar Parts in September 2020 after many requests by customers. Nz Guitar Parts is a one man operation importing shipments of specialised quality products for Guitar and Bass builders and people that want to build a  quality product at the best price I can offer without the name brand hype! Also without the hassle of hit and miss quality issues associated with importing from unknown companies.

We airfreight every Item! FRESH! 95% of our product are direct from manufacturer.


Due to NZGUITARPARTS buying from OEM factories, the quality is often of a higher standard than you may find from other sellers in New Zealand. It is easy to buy online! it is not easy to buy quality online!


Many items still need to be filed/sanded/adjusted to make your new instrument a piece of art. ( this goes for higher end custom hand made USA product as well...obviously not to the same degree ) In some cases though you won't need to do anything. You should understand this before buying from any seller! NOTHING IS SIMPLY BOLT ON AND PLAY!

We do not advertise or emply any of our product to be direct replacement of any other manufacturer. The item you purchase may well be but this is not the intention of our business. It is solely to offer budding builders quality product at affordable prices.

All products we sell are in stock. We are online only via Trade Me and This Site.

We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping with NZGUITARPARTS