Aaron Ross is one of those geniuses that flies under the radar.  This is the biggest innovation to the instrument that I love, since Leo Fender started mass producing electric bass guitars in 1951!" - Anthony Wellington, Bassology.

The bridge itself is the world's first saddle-less instrument bridge.  Until now, bridges typically served three purposes, one: a place to anchor the ball end of the string, and two: to provide a means to intonate the instrument, and three: a means to set the "action" or the height of the strings off of the fretboard.  As a sidebar, there is no such thing as perfect intonation, it is mathematically impossible.  That is why there is always a bit of an angle to the saddle on every instrument from high to low strings.  The purpose is to get as close as possible to perfect intonation without sounding weird to the human ear.  While my bridge is not unique in that respect, it is quite unique in the removal of this critical piece of hardware.  What resulted put simply is a straight line.  This may not sound like much, a straight line, but acoustically something marvelous happened.



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